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Ever wanted to climb inside a three-ton replica of Eddie Murphy's head? No? Well, you must be in the minority, friendo, because 20th Century Fox has sent actress Gabrielle Union on a trip across the country in a three-dimensional, mobile metal model of the comedian's cranium.

The purpose of this unfortunate lady's trek (henceforth to be called the trail of tears) is to promote her upcoming film with Murphy "Meet Dave." According to ET:

"We play two-inch-tall people who have arrived to Earth in a vessel shaped as our captain, played by Eddie Murphy," Gabrielle says. "So, there's us little people inside a big Eddie."

In 'Meet Dave,' which opens on July 11, Dave Ming Chang (Eddie) is a newcomer to New York City who doesn't quite fit in -- the main reason being that "Dave" is actually a ship made in the image of its miniature captain!

If you want to 'Meet Dave,' you can check out the traveling head yourself as it makes its way around the United States, ending up in Times Square for 4th of July weekend!

JoBlo says that people are having their pictures taken hanging out of Eddie's ear, and that these pictures will at some point be used to construct a mosaic used for a new poster for "Meet Dave."

What a monstrosity...



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This movie just leaves my speechless. It is not even out yet and but I will bet nearly anything that that it will be in the top 10 B-movies of all time. And that, my friends, is not meant as a compliment.

Come to think of it... between this, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Vampire in Brooklyn, The Golden Child, The Haunted Mansion and his upcoming *comedy* take on Romeo & Juliet, it is entirely possible that Murphy may become of of the most prolific B-movie actors of our generation. That's not even including Norbit! :eek:

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