Happy Birthday to KW802, on February 4, 2005


Code Monkey
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Dear Cool SciFi Community,

Please join us in wishing a Happy Birhday today to...

KW802 was born on February 4, 1970 (Age: 35)

May you live long & propser!


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haha, the site auto reminds it's owner how old he is!! in some circles that could be quite dangerous to the site code.

<---- i kept the reminder right here on my desktop
How are you going to wish your own damn self ... a happy birthday...

What are you going to do today Napoleon?

Whatever I feel like GOSH!

[sign]KW802 is Older than Piccard![/sign]

Happy Birthday!
🎂 :muffit: :D


Code Monkey
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Whoops, this is what happens when you have created some automatic job scripts! :P

Thanks for the well wishes everybody. My birthday wish? "I wish... I wish... I wish I were a fish!"

(Makes mental note to switch the birthday script from KW802 to Robbie)


Code Monkey
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Today's learning lesson.... if you ever wanted a list of what forums you belong to, wait until your birthday! The automated emails are still pouring into my email account. :eek:

BTW: JuicdMonte -- Did you notice the new & improved look of the sign tag? The font is now MS Comic Sans and the edges are semi-rounded instead of the perfect square like it was before.