Happy Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th?

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Rocket Ranger
Feb 26, 2003
*AliasAddict*FlinkmanFanatic* said:
Well, have fun shopping, Chanel! ( I hope that's ur name...I think it is...)
yep it is...now i seemed to not know ur name, but i think it says CM, so well i had a good time shopping CM! it was a lucky day, i even found a skirt i wanted 2 months ago that was 60 dollars for 20! hehe, its a pretty good day :knocks on wood:
Apr 18, 2003
i toook my finaal todaaay! i'm so happy it's over now! hahaha and even though it was fri. the 13th.. i don't think i failed! :LOL:
Jun 5, 2003
i'm not supersticious at all,just a friday. 2 funny things happend though first, on my way to school i saw a black cat(i love cats)and second, i had an exam today and there were 13 questions on it.i told my friend and she freaked out, i was laughing at her.
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