Hard SF or mass media audience? BSG expecting Emmy snub


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If it is going to be a big show, on a big network, with a big audience, it has to appeal to mainstream audiences. This of course means that the veteran SF fans will be left frustrated all too frequently. The material won't be advanced enough. There won't be assumptions of knowledge, easy understand of complex issues most SF fans have already fleshed out in their experience with the genre.

BSG's producer has casually mentioned truths in the cast and crews expectancy that they won't be winning any Emmy's due to the genre. But an admission of the ability to provide us with storylines that go further than a mainstream audience requires comes up.

'Galactica' producer expects Emmy snub

Thursday, June 26 2008, 07:14 BST
By Ben Rawson-Jones, Cult Editor

Battlestar Galactica's supervising producer David Weddle believes the show will miss out on Emmy Award nominations because of its genre.

"Well, we're in the sci-fi ghetto still," Weddle told SyFy Portal. "We're still a science-fiction series, and the vast majority of voters don't understand the show or haven't even seen the show. But I would love to be surprised."

However, Battlestar Galactica's home on the Sci-Fi Channel does have its advantages, according to Weddle.

"Because our profile is so low, we've been able to tell the kinds of stories we've been able to tell," he said.

"We're off the radar because we're just a sci-fi show and we've told some pretty amazing stories because we're just a sci-fi show. We're not on the radar of the networks or the censors. To me, that's a positive way to look at it."