Harry Potter 5 - James Potter


April 27th
I think everyone will pretty much agree that he was a bit arrogant.

But it doesn't mean he was horrible person, or always like that.
I can't count the number of times I see teenagers doing stupid things and showing off like that, trying to impress people around him.

He wasn't just trying to impress Lily (though that was a major part) but I think he also wanted to show 'his group' just how cool he was. Even though they were a tight group, I think, at that age, everyone is trying to prove something to everyone.

ANd it's not just boys. I know I looked awful stupid trying to immpress boys I like when I was younger :)
i did think he was arrogant too, but not to the extent as to hate him. but this side of him kinda rationalized snape's attitude towards harry and james' friends. i mean, at first i thought he was just being bitter over something petty but now that i come to think about it, he was not doing anything bad to james, remus & sirius so he did not deserve to be treated that way. but still i don't like how he power-trips.
James was a fifteen-year-old boy. In my experience, your average teenaged boy is gonna be a bit . . . strange in the head. James also happened to believe he was above average. I mean, he didn't have people trying to kill him all the time (except Remus on a really bad full moon night, but that doesn't count). He was also getting away with a lot and had mastered the animagus spell. Of course he was arrogant. But it didn't last -- it was a phase, like Remus and Sirius said.
Yea you all share my same opinion. He was arrogant but he was still a good person...I mean lok at his son. He was fifteen and on the quidditch team: boys will be boys also lol.


yeh i know, i mean theyu sound like the perfect couple, i just wish that they were still alive, oh well... part of the greatness i guess
I actually didn't have much of an opinion on James until I read book 5 and then all of a sudden I loved him! :woot:

I mean I always thought he was fantastic, dying to protect harry etc but book 5 added a whole new aspect to his character. It made me really want to know how he got over his arrogance and won over Lily. *sigh*

It doesn't bother me that much that he is portrayed as arrogant in the memory because it only makes his character more intriguing....we know he ended up marrying Lily so he must have changed eventually and like Remus and Sirius said: he was only fifteen he grew out of it.
i luved james it really gave him a much better character, n a definant flaw that needs to be fixed like u know it will be.
I really hope we do see more of it, because its gotta be a excelent story.
From the scene u could tell that james really did like lily, he was showing off like that to be noticed by everyone. Mostly trying to be noticed by lily tho cos it seems like thats the only time she even looks or talks to him is when shes telling him off, n his whole "i won't touch a hair on snivellus's head again if u go out with me" shows he kinda sees it as a bargaining tool. Also if she is so passionate about telling him what she doesn't like about him cos of what he does u can tell that she did (does still but shes just so pissed she doesn't relise it) fancy him too or she wouldn't bother telling him off. she obviousely knows he likes her cos hes so arogant about it, she also knows he will pay attention to her n not just jinks her too, because everyelse there was (even remus) kinda scared of how he would react (ie pick in them too)

i really hope there is moore to it n me being me i kinda hope (cos u know for wizards time travel is possible) they somehow acidently get sent back so that Harry n James r the same age n they can all get to know one another n harry can help to deflate james head n get his parents together. If somin like that did happen tho u can tell that lily would fancy harry cos hes looks like james n has a good like him but isn't arrogant which would be amusing espeshially if ginny got jelouse :angelic: n then cos harry couldn't be avaliable they would have to get together again which is always sooooo cute (6th book harry of course i luv him in that book i think he has really grown n is actually really like dumbledore. n NOONE CAN SAY that ginny n harry aren't a very cute couple)
ok i have rambled enough

Luv Chicketepee :seehearspeak:


I think everyone has a bit of arrogance. I think he was also very confident. As Kewii said, that doesn't make him a bad person. It just made him self-confident and assured of himself. Which isn't such a bad thing.
I think hes a good guy and was a pathetic person not to save harry from voldemort...He should have done a driveby on voldemort with his wand...Gangsta Stylez...LoL...Oh well pain is love and craBs happen...ask lily potter...Crab Happy. (n)
I just re-read the book and I was a little disappointed with James, but then again he was 15...

I'm just interested to see if they even include it in the movie. I don't even know if I want to see the movies anymore. After the first and second ones there was just too much they had to shortcut and leave out. The brilliance of the books was a little lost, imo, especially in the more recent ones.
I think his dad was fine. He did seem a little arrogant in the 5th book when he was playing around with Snape and hanging him upside down. I kind of liked that part because Snape was so mean and he deserved it. Harry is also a little bit arrogant, but hey thats the way his character is supposed to be.