Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

hmmmm it's out like in july!! but i kinda don't like the movie!!! but i'll just go watch it 4 the fun of it!! i suppose the trailers looks goonish!!


whoever was in charge of casting sirius did a really horrible job.. this guy played lee harvey oswald in oliver stone's JFK and the bad guy (forget his name) in lost in space. i guess they were going for an evil look, but sirius isnt evil.... i like marie grand-pre's drawings better.

although i still maintain that snape was expertly cast.

i dont know, the books are better, but i'm still going to see it for the fun and obsession of it :)

heh, a group of friends and i decided to camp out for it, on account of not having anything better do to. by then, alias and school will be over.

all i know is that the second book and the second movie both suck.


Its the end of the World as we know it!!
i'm going to see it on Monday night (31st). i can't wait. i think Sirius has actually been brilliantly cast. Gary Oldman is a fantastic actor and will bring lots of needed depth to the character. also he is capable of being utterly creepy and quite likeable as well. this is my fav of the books so they better not f**k it up like the first film. the second film was a bit better, but it's too hard to do it with a PG rating. there should be 2 versions, 1 for the kiddies and another for the older generation
Not sure when I'll be able to see it but most definatley want to see it.

I'm really interseted to see how the different the movie is with the new director. And also, what the new Dumbledore is like. I actually did not like how Richard Harris played Dumbledore so I hope the new one is better.


Skyligrl5 said:
OMG im going to see this friday @ 730 and im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
yah im going at 12:30! i pre ordered my tickets but it took FOREVER cuz i kept typing in the wrong credit card number on the phonw :blink:
lol, im cing it at 10 a.m. the first showing and then if its real good i may see it w/ my other friend the next week or later that day. i love the harry potter books even thou the first movie waz kinda slow and the 2n 1 waz ok but the 3rd 1 looks more darker and its supposed 2 stick and go by the book.


Its the end of the World as we know it!!
OMG!!!! the film is bloody brilliant. :) saw it last night and was quite impressed with the 500%improvement on the first two. even though its a PG it is quite dark and they've cut a lot out but done it well. the whole time turning thing is handled excellently. will be seeing it many more times, including tomorrow.