Has any show's songs influenced you to grab their music?


Nov 3, 2012
Alderson, WV
For me, it did. I ran across this video advertising American Dad's next episode:

I got so into the music, I completely forgot about the video itself. I was literally mesmerized by the sound, and was determined to find out who it was, why it was there, etc...

After some research, found out the song was called Majestic, by Wax Fang. Immediately purchased. The producer of the show had been to a concert when they played it, and told them he was going to add the song in. Here is the video for it:
Although a live show, the sound is still really great. Still one of my favorite songs, and I am not certain why. Just seems the video from American Dad tied perfectly into the song, and I related to it for whatever reason.

If you get a change, please check them out. They have a great sound.
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