Hating Americans!


An Old Friend
Posted by me on SciFiChick earlier today:

I guess it is the 'in' thing to hate Americans nowadays.

Let me tell you this.

Our country doesn't smell like sewage

Our water doesn't give you disyntary

Our people are not oppressed

Our stores are cleaner

Our hospitals are efficient

Our Schools are enlightening

Our police are Wise

Our Military are governed

Our politics are accountable

Our intentions are honorable

Our faith are diverse

Our invention is sustained

Our industry is advanced

Our power is restrained

Our might is Essential


Our freedom is unquestionable!

If we held the world to the worlds standards we would be ruthless and overpoweering
the only reason why we restrain ourself from those tactics is because we respect every individual life. We have not collapsed...We are strong, patient and forgiving. We wish to lead by example and not by oppression. If oppression were our goal noone would stand in our way.
Perhaps the world needs to reevaluate our intentions...
The difference between hating Americans and hating the people of another country:

You are allowed to hate Americans. Your hatred won't get you killed.

Anyway, for me it is not about what country you come from, or your culture, or your race, or your religion. I will respect you as an individual as long as you return that respect in kind.