Haunted Mall


A few years back I used to work at a gift shop at our cities' local Mall. I had always heard that the Mall was haunted but who doesn't grow up hearing those stories about their Mall or school? I was used to unexplained phenomena due to the fact that I lived in a haunted house at the time and I wasn't really scared of any of the stories I had heard about this place. Next to this store their was a gym and sometimes the weights being dropped would cause a mini quake that would knock our product off the shelf and onto the floor. The first experience I had with a product being flung off the self scared me because it didn't just dropped it flew straight up across the store. My main concern was the customers safety and I was mad and shrugged it off as just the gym again throwing their stupid weights around too close to our wall but their was something different about the way this product was flung. It didn't just fall like it got knocked down by some vibrations or anything it FLEW across the store!!! Like I said I shrugged it off and didn't think much of it until one of our sales associated experienced something a little less explainable.
One day one of our shelves fell to the floor and broke shattering the glass all over the floor. Now this glass shelf was held up by metal with gummies that made it impossible for the glass to fall the way it did. It was a regular retail shelf but made out of glass and the only way to actually move it was too move all the product off and unstick the gummies so that we could actually move the glass shelf. The glass itself was so heavy it had to be picked up with two hands and lifted off so that it will unstick and be moved around. With no one working on it the shelf had managed to somehow unstick from the gummies and metal and fell with all the product still on it. Now I know what you might be thinking all of it can be attributed to the gym next door but the weight of the products alone would have kept the shelf in place along with the gummies. I could see a product or two falling off but again it seemed like someone had tried to fling it out of place.
The weirdness didn't stop their though. Once while three of us where working behind the counter talking shop we heard a loud sneeze a few feet away from the counter and all three of us looked up to say bless you. To our surprise their wasn't anyone in the store. We thought maybe we just didn't see a customer walk in but I ran quickly to the door just to check to see if maybe we had missed someone walking by the door and their was no-one around close enough for the sound of the sneeze. We all heard it was all reacted we where all weirded out by it. I once heard high heel footsteps while in the store after hours coming from the back to the front of the store and another time again I heard footsteps while waiting for an Uber outside of the Mall really late one night with no body in the parking lot to be seen the footsteps got closer and stopped about two feet away from me that night I looked around for the sign of anyone nearby but I was completely alone.
All these things I could explain the things falling off the shelf, I attributed to the gym the footsteps I heard I had convinced myself was just someone else getting off work at the same time I was that I just didn't see for some reason, it was a Mall after all and I wasn't the only one working late hours. Sometimes the music would turn on unexplainably in the middle of the night when everything was locked and everyone had gone home and get turned up to full volume which we would get in trouble for with the security team at night. Yet the one unexplainable event that happened which I couldn't explain happened to me once when I was by myself in the store.
I was working behind the counter when I noticed a lady looking at the jewelry section. We had one of these retail doorbells that would ring really loud when someone walked in the store. To my surprise though the bell hadn't gone off and I thought to myself I might have just simply not heard it. So I walked around the counter with her still in visual range and decided to walk up to her and ask her if she needed any help. The Jewelry case was in front of this huge pillar at the center of the store and I decided to walk behind the pillar and casually start up a conversation. This is when things got weird the reason I had walked around the Pillar was so that I could catch her and start up a conversation if she decided to bolt out the door. From the walk pathway that I took I could clearly see to entrance of the store but in the few seconds it took for me to walk around the pillar the lady had vanished. Completely gone!!!! No sign to trace no footsteps nothing. I checked outside and behind the counter to see if somehow she had managed to slip out of my sight and out the door or behind the counter but she was nowhere to be seen the door bell remained silent until the next guest walked in. She looked 100 percent real. I questioned my reality and sanity after that a bit. I wondered if I was somehow losing my mind and blocking out chunks of time but the clock didn't show that I had missed anytime either. Other sales associated also experienced a few other odd things but the oddest to me was the disappearing lady. To this day I cant explain where she went. I had lived with paranormal phenomena but I had never experienced a full blown apparition. I'm still not fully convinced it was an apparition she just seemed too real but I still cant explain how she vanished in the blink of an eye. Since I have left that job I have heard rumors of white shadowy figures appearing on the cameras security system throughout other areas of the mall and other stores experiencing the same phenomena of things being flung off the shelves. I still go to the Mall sometimes but I don't experience anything weird anymore. Maybe the lady was an alien or an angel or simply a figment of my tired imagination at the time, who knows but I have never seen anything like that ever again.