Haunting at Central Park


One of our local Central Parks is well known for paranormal activity at night. Enough for local young kids to hang out at night trying to catch a glimpse of the unknown for themselves. Rumors of the park being built over reservation lands have been circling since as long as the park has been around and with good reason. Countless stories of shadow figures being seen flying through the trees and instances of being pushed or shoved at the park have been reported. During the day it is a beautiful magical man made woodland area complete with it's own gardens, lakes, trails and horse stables but at night it becomes a perfect place for teenage hooligans and paranormal investigators to roam about looking for a little fun and adventure. Even though park security drives around it is such a massive park that it is pretty easy to evade them in between the trees and structure buildings throughout the park. A few unsolved murders add to the danger and mystery. Although it is rare that anything bad actually happens at this park it is still a massive place to walk around and on one of those crazy fun filled nights a group of friends and I decided to grab some snacks and drinks and enjoy the summer night air at this particular haunted park.
At first we didn't go looking for the paranormal we went to hang out to have some fun and meet up with a group of friends for the weekend. When we arrive to the parking lot we parked near the closest bathroom which is locked at night but with plenty of light under a picnic table and bench to be able to sit down and set shop. The rest of our friends showed up and we all parked within visual range of our vehicles so that we could take off if the park ranger showed up and decided to tell us to leave. We had a junk food feast set up and it felt like that movie "Hook" with Robin Williams we where a bunch of kids way past our curfew just pigging out at the park with all sorts of snacks and food we weren't normally allowed to eat because we where little turds sneaking out of our house at night. We had only been their for about 20 minutes just laughing and joking and having a good time when we started to hear strange noises coming in or around the bathroom.
"It's probably just animals" one of my friends said
"or it could be some homeless person just sleeping in the park" another speculated
"what if it's one of the ghost that live here?" said one of the guys and we all stood still in silence to pay our attention towards the sound.
As we froze in silence the clear sound of a rattling chain began to clink as if it was being moved against one of the bars that closed the bathroom.
"It's wind rattling the chains that lock the bathroom door" I said
but their wasn't enough wind and the more we speculated the move uncertain we became.
"I'm gonna go check it out" said one of the guys.
"Me too" said another and before you knew it the whole group except me and my close friend went to investigate.
We where both wigged out by it but neither cared enough nor wanted to deal with anything creepy or paranormal that night.
"Go ahead" we said we decided to stay with the food and chips and soda and let them knock themselves out with all that creepy ghost stuff while we stayed behind to gossip about the boys we where with and all that silly teenage stuff. We could still see them investigating the bathroom doors when we heard it. We heard a pair of footsteps walking towards us.
Now this wasn't my first experience with bodiless footsteps but never like this . As we where sitting their talking amongst ourselves we heard footsteps rustling through the leaves and it sounded like they where getting closer and right their about 10 feet from us clearly visible on the leaf covered ground we saw footprints walking straight towards our direction! NO BODY AND NO ANIMALS just the clear imprint of a shoe crushing the leaves on the ground below. At first we weren't sure what we where looking at but as the footsteps got closer and it was apparent to the both of us what we where looking at had no form and a sense of unspoken panic overtook us as we both started screaming at the top of our lungs and booked it like all hell the frack outta their. We ran out so fast we left our purses, phones and everything else on the table behind but we weren't the only ones that took off running either. I guess at the same time the second group that was investigating the creepy noise experienced one of the guys being pushed without any explanation and him and two others from the investigative party also came out running at full speed towards the cars.
"F*** THIS LETS GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!!" they yelled.
"What happened?" we asked them and they explained that one of them had experienced being pushed from behind. "What happened to you guys?" they asked. before we could call the rest of the party to bring back our stuff they where already halfway back to the parking lot as we explained our story. The remaining party was unsure of what exactly had happened only the other two guys that came out running with the guy who got pushed saw what happened and even though the rest of the party investigated if their was anyone nearby they couldn't see they didn't come across anyone else who could have pushed him or explained our footsteps. My girlfriend and I refused to go back to the table and stayed in the car while our fearless boyfriends went to go get everything back from the park table. Ever so often when we all meet up again we talk about it and laugh about how funny it was to see everyone run the hell outta their so fast, but the energy we felt that night felt menacingly bad like it wanted to hurt us and we where all genuinely freaked out. Occasionally I'll go with my dog or my little brother to the same park but never again during the night or near that spot. The stories continue to grow and occasionally a blurry picture of something lurking in the shadows appears but for the most part I avoid the same place we experienced the attack and haunting. Whatever it is, it's not coming anywhere near my dog or my little brother. I will not be back to that park at night, NO WAY JOSE!!!!!