Have you had your Sci Fi fix lately?

Apr 3, 2011
I'm just curious. For the last few years, I haven't really been seeing a lot of promising Sci Fi. I'm talking about something epic like Star Wars or Star Trek. What happened to all the great sagas? Sure you get a good show every now and then but where is the next Star Wars or Star Trek?

For my Sci Fi fix, I had to get it through Mass Effect 1 and 2. Where are these new and exciting universes that make you feel like a kid again? An entire universe full of new technology, lore and exciting stories with plot twists. A universe with so much to explore and unlock.

The reason I'm creating a sci fi saga with the Alpha Universe: The Origin Saga is because I believe this is missing today but the website is only in its infant stages. I would like to find something new and exciting to get into cause Sci Fi for me isn't what it used to be. I'm an 80's child and I find myself on Netflix watching 80's movies a lot because movies nowadays are horrible! Not that they were great in the 80's but back then is was more focused on story than gimmicky effects and 3-D.

Anybody know of anything on the horizon or floating out there on the web? The internet has so much potential...where is it? How do you get your Sci Fi fix?


Jun 20, 2011
I was a fanatical watcher of BSG when it was on. Actually I started in season 3 and caught up in a week. I was hooked. Since it went off, I've been through all the episodes at least twice. Also watched Caprica although it was meh.

There is a new series in the BSG universe coming out sometime this year I think. Blood and Chrome. Set during the first cylon war. Can't wait.

I have tried to go back and watch movies from the 80's, but I can't really get into them like I did when I was a kid. Most don't age well. Alien(s) is an exception.
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