Haynes: USS Enterprise Owners Manual


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Coming in time for christmas, for the grand price of £19.99, the hardcopy edition of this intriguing owners manual will be available.


How to fix a spaceship: The owner's manual for Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise




Derek Smith, editor at the Book Division at Haynes Publishing said: ‘We’ve had a lot of success with our manuals on classic historic aircraft, such as the Spitfire and the Lancaster, and also with our manual on Apollo 11.
'So we started looking for other iconic subjects to cover.’
Haynes has manuals on the ‘Titanic’ and the Space Shuttle as well as a Wallace And Gromit contraptions manual due to be released




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I've got Haynes books for most of the cars in the family so I think this would go nicely with the collection.

If/when they do the Wallace & Gromit version, I'll be sure to get that one also.


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I saw this in a local Waterstones bookshop here where I live recently, but it was on a shelf behind the counter so I couldn't get my hands on it to flick through. Only copy in the store too.