Heading For New Horizons-Planet X


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A 10 year trip to the edges of our solar system may determine the fate of our textbooks. New Horizons project at NASA is going to study Pluto (planet X) in the next decade. Along with the Kuniper belt objects they will try to determine what Pluto really is. This is an interesting debate and it looks like it could get very facinating.




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Frequently Asked Questions

* Is Pluto a planet?
* Does Pluto have a moon?
* How cold is it on Pluto?
* Could there be life on Pluto?
* Does Pluto have an atmosphere?
* What would a human see on Pluto?
* Why send a mission to Pluto?
* How long does it take to get to Pluto?
* Why not go into orbit around Pluto?
* How much does a mission to Pluto cost?

* Is there enough light to read a book on Pluto?
* What does the Sun or Earth look like from Pluto?
* What would you weigh on Pluto or Charon?
* Does a human have enough energy to jump into orbit around Pluto?
* Would I be able to ski on Pluto?
* Are there any good hills on Pluto?
* How are the snow conditions on Pluto?
* What would a human see on Pluto?


An Old Friend
Pluto In Science Fiction- An Incomplete list

Pluto in science fiction.

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[Compiled by Steven Silver.]

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the Clangers come out to meet the probe, and eat it :smiley:


then Tripods come out of slumber ready to retake earth


all terrestrial transmissions are interrupted by a horrifying testcard


NASA scientists confused over their patchy images with existing technology, on receipt of beamed back images from probe, go "sheeeeeet!"


the indiginous life forms on pluto contact earth resistance asking for help


unfortunately the heroes of the rebellion had just got too old and refused to fight the good cause, or simply just look like they'd developed drink problems in later life


in the end, we just decided, enough was enough and offered to upgrade their computer systems with the latest version of M$ software, which caused the entire alien attack fleet to break down and limp home, thank you BG :