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Heisei Era (1984-1995)


The Heisei era is a term used to identify the previous political era of Japan. The Heisei series is named after the political Heisei era in Japan, which started in 1989 with the ascension of Emperor Akihito to the throne and ended in 2019 with his abdication.

Technically, the Millennium and MonsterVerse Godzilla films are also part of the Heisei era due to being released during the political Heisei period, but are considered to be separate series from the Heisei series due to having separate, distinct continuities.

##1984-1995 Heisei Era##

*16 Godzilla '1984 (1985) godzilla, r burr, super x, shockirus
*16.1 - The Return Of Godzilla aka Godzilla '1984 (1985) - reconstructed revision extndversn
*17 Godzilla VS Biollante `1989 (1992) godzilla, biollante, jsdf, biomajor agents
*18 Godzilla VS King Ghidorah `1991 (1998) godzilla, king ghidorah, mechaking ghidorah, dorats, godzillasaurus, futurians
*19 Godzilla VS Mothera aka Battle For Earth `1992 (1998) godzilla, cosmos, mothra, batra
*20 Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla 2 `1993 (1998) godzilla, mechagodzilla, super mechagodzilla, rodan, fire rodan, baby godzilla, garuda, g-force, jsdf
*21 Godzilla vs Space Godzilla `1994 (1999) godzilla, space godzilla, moguera, fairy mothera, cosmos, little godzilla, jsdf
*22 Godzilla VS Destroyah `1995 (1999) Fire Godzilla, Godzilla Jr, destroyah, ungcc, jdsf, super x3, destoroyahs