Hello all


Hi there,

The name's Emphyrio, which some of you may recognize if you've ever read the book of the same name by Jack Vance. I liked to look of the forum so I decided to join up, just looking for a place to hang out.

I have to say that my first love is fantasy, but I love sci-fi too, especially when it comes to movies and TV. I'm currently a student studying for a degree in History, which is my true first love before either fantasy or science-fiction, so if anyone wants to have some historical discussion, just let me know because I'd love to hear from you.

I look forward to spending time here and hope I can add something to the forum.
Hey! The student life certainly does come first! When out the other end though you get to make more choice about what you read, hopefully! Unless you become a researcher of course :smiley:

Welcome to the site!