Hello all!


I'm Fred, from Quebec. I'm just a huge BSG fan that is trying to reach more fans like me.

I'm a Battlestar Galactica Fan Club member and Colonial Defense Forces member too.

I sincerely hope we will get on Space Channel BSG Blood and Chrome before the end of 2012, at least the pilot.

So say we all!


I am a big fan of Battle star as well and I am old enough to remember the original. Welcome!

I am too, I was a pretty young child when the vintage BSG got broascasted, but I remember some episodes. I never really watch it but I saw it...

But sincerely I prefer the Ronald D. Moore and David Eicke version of BSG, Its more realistic and, from my perspective, the best sci-fi show even made.


Greetings! I agree, BSG was a great series. It was one of those I looked impatiently forward to viewing each week.