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May 17, 2012
Greetings Cool Sci-Fi,

Name's Harrington. I write. Here's a taste of the first three, free downloadable chapters for my released book, Of War and Consequence:


Experience the gripping world of Xarh in this first installment of the Consortium Chain trilogy. The Banthyk Union and Kingdom of Sarkrea are revealed as war tears at the foundation of half the planet. Prepare yourself accordingly; a wild ride awaits.

Keep up with all of the comings and goings in the wondrous world of Xarh at


---OWaC was awarded the N.A.B.E. Pinnacle Award for Best In Science Fantasy---

"the prose is even pungent and pithy"

"the feuding warriors engage in plenty of action-packed battles"

"Intriguing storylines, creatures and weapons"

-Kirkus Indie Reviews

"Medieval-era parallel universe full of airships, tunnels, mystical minerals, warriors with

regenerating body parts, and endless wars fought across the churning waters of the Sea of


"the story is good, the characters fairly interesting, and the setting both unique and colorful."

"confusion over whether the good guys are all that good is fueled by their actions

after a battle when, as Martin explains, “Revelers picked up appendages that lay around the

gates, and children gathered hunks of flesh; these were all standard practices for the embattled

people of Banthyk.”"

"Martin has set the

stage for further events to unfold"

-ForeWord Clarion Review

"Tired of the same old Science Fiction and Fantasy concepts? Looking for high adventure, romance, plot twists and turns, or a truly unique epic? You'd be well served by experiencing Book One of the Consortium Chain."

Over the swamps of Banthyk and the shores of Ornateam, the grip of war is ever-present. The people's hero, Crown Bearer Sha, knows that the fate of his tiny home world, Xarh, hangs in the balance. Challenging traditional theory and navigating murky diplomacy, the denizens of this turbulent world pull at each other from all directions.

The mighty city-states must endure or the Pantheona Lords will control the future.

Take a journey to an engaging world where science seems as magic. A world you'll not soon forget.

OWaC @ Amazon.com

For the most up to date information regarding the progress of Xarh, feel free to send me a friend invite through Facebook. I run a page and take all comers.


I suppose that's a rather lengthy introduction, but I thought I'd grease the wheels for starters. Thanks for taking in another wandering mind. I look forward to hearing from you.

(Oh and by the way, my second novel, Of Power and Deception, is but a few weeks from release)

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