Hello everyone!!


Hi everyone,

My name is Johan Lun, I'm 27 years old, I’m here to share a project of mine with you. It’s a short movie that i’ve just finished recently. It’s a mix between Scifi and Action. It’s also the sequel of an other short movie that I made in 2005 named Code Radamanthys. I hope that I'm in the right forum.

Code Radmanthys 2005:

A man is sent in a house to kill some teenagers, a mission which seems simple, but something unexpected will happen...

Here’s the link of the first movie, which looks really amateur.

The sequel was made in 2008,

Code Radamanthys Alpha

A man is running, chased by teenagers whit particular skills, he is running for his life...

Code Radamanthys Alpha English Subtitle - Vidéo Dailymotion

The movies are in french but subtitled in english, I hope that you’ll enjoy it, and thank you for taking on your time to watch it.


Here the link of the official site.