Hello Friends, I come in peace!


Always High on Sci FI
Sep 10, 2018
Hey guys, I've not long found this site :). Its great to be part of something with like minded people :).
I love all sci fi but mainly Star Trek.
Please check out this parody !!



Code Monkey
Staff member
Mar 20, 2004
@Kevin I am indeed!!
I just have to ask... are the shirt insignias purposely meant to look like something a bit.... um... suggestive? :unsure:
No it was filmed in Wales.
OK, apparently I need to brush up on my knowledge of Wales.... I always thought it it was part of the isles that tend to be on the green side.

If somebody had made a bet on whether or not that location was the SE USA or in the UK I would've lost a huge amount of money! :LOL:
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