hello friends!!



Hello friends!
I am the new member of this site and may be the new friend of your.
Well I like to play different games and make new friends.I love to discuss on the forum specially about games and other different topics.I spend 3 hours every day with my lovely laptop on the forum discussion.
Okay, I banned the spammer. I was just trying to see if I could get in there first in the possibility the spammer saw the post I made and knew he'd been caught out :smiley:
Nope, these are personal postings. If you google around you can find small spammer forums dedicated to signature spamming (banning a member here also means you don't get to see their signature anymore) They advise to join random forums, make the initial post in the welcome child forums and then answer other posts with friendly, on topic comments. The idea is they get under the radar and people click their signature links and see adverts, the more people click them, the greater the chance someone actually gets interested (we do live in a consumer culture)

Unfortunately what niche forums then see sticks out like a sore thumb. The spammers are frequently using English as a Lingua Franca, don't format their postings nicely as they are in a rush, frequently post off topic text by accident. Most of the time we can see them for who they are.
Good information to know...I just noticed that a flurry of new arrivals with different names would all have copied-and-pasted introductory posts, thus why I thought it was automated.

Lol! I spoke too soon. The guy above was a signature spammer. Got to work that one out

Since the thread starter was banned, responding to this thread seems kind of pointless to anyone the right side of sane, so there must have been some automation in this posting.