Hello from Canada


the first Alias episode that I watched was the season finale of season 2. I decided to watch the episodes (in french) from season 1 who aired on tv during the summer. I finally decided to buy the DVD of the first season and I fell in love with the show! Because Ztele (tv station in province of Quebec) was still showing the first season, I bought le second DVD box set.

I hope you can understand what I am writing because english is not my first language (it's french!).

The discussion in the forum are very interesting and I learn english during this time!
Bienvenue sur AA!!!

C'est un super site rempli de gens sympas!!

A bientôt !

For those who don't speak french....I said :
" welcome to AA...
It's a great forum full of nice people...
see you soon..."
Bonjour! Je m'appelle Mandy, Je ne parle pas Francais...soo i'm gonna continue in English because my French sucks ;)

I like Canadians so... ya. Hope you enjoy yourself on here. Which part of Quebec do you live in?
--Mandy :angelic:
mystery_chick said:
Which part of Quebec do you live in?
I'm living in Sherbrooke (Eastern Townships/Cantons de l'Est) for my studies, but I come from a little village close to the borders of Maine.

Mandy, your french is very good! (y)
:blush: lol thanks but no, it's far from spetacular. ;)

Sherbrooke... why have I heard of it... hmm... *shrugs*

--Mandy :angelic: