Hello from Hong Kong

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Hello I'm Kemis, I'm from Hong Kong but half American. I love sci-fi especially cyperpunk and cyberghotic! And since I love the girls in the cyberpunk futuristic world, I love to dress like them.
And also I'm a huge fan of the Burning Man, the big event in the middle of the Nevada desert: I've been there 4 times, with my wonderful steampunk girl costume! Love it! :)

So here I'm....Hello everyone! :)


Code Monkey
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Kemis, greetings! :)

I have never been to the Burning Man but it seems like one of those things to do at least once your lifetime. And you've been there four times already!

Being a fan of steampunk, do you find yourself drawn to certain works, like Fullmetal Alchemist, or do you enjoy a bit of everything?