hello from Kayla! fellow sci-fi fanatic and author!

Hey everyone! I am super into sci-fi and fantasy evveryyything. I am way into,
Star Wars
Star Trek Voyager
Books about Faeries, particularly YA such as Tithe
Any Star Wars books
Doctor Who
Merlin on syfy
Game of Thrones
True Blood
Gargoyles (the old disney series)
Anything that deals with the Marvel universe
and plenty more!
I am also a new author who just published her first book Sustenance on Smashwords!
:eek: I'm hoping to get some awsome feedback from people who are really into Sci-Fi because it is about aliens!
If you have any similar intrests please add me as a friend!
Hi Kayla, welcome to scifi!!! My name I Vivian and I love everything about scifi and fantasy. I'll ckeck out your facebook and your book. Congrats. on your book. I am trying to get my book published. Check out my blog at
vivsmart-chandrasjournal.blogspot.com Let me know what you think.
Thanks for the congrats!

Vivian if you ever want any help (assuming you think I don't suck lol) don't hesitate to ask! You can get ahold of me here or inbox me for my email address, or fb me through Sustenance, I am a full supporter of all Indie authors! Because it takes alot to do it yourself, and put yourself out there without a big agent or company backing you :smiley::D