Hello hello!

Hello everyone!
I am totally new not only to this forum, but Alias as well! Alias seems like a really cool show, and since Buffy is now over (U.U) I'm looking for another great show to watch. One of my friends at school absolutely loves Alias (you may know her as "Victoria King" here...), so I decided to join and learn as much as I can about the show before the new season starts!

I hope to make many new friends here and post often!
Talk to you guys later!


hi Amy I'm Lili it's nice to meet you and welcome to AA and the world of Alias I suppose.I'm 18 and from South Africa I know its sad Buffy's over well hope to see you around.come read some fanfiction we are lots of fun.
HEY! I'm Dani. I'll see ya around! I know you'll like it here, and alias in general, its the best show EVER I'm sure we'll all agree on that. :D

And I used to watch Buffy too. 😭 Why'd it have to end? WHY? Stop by the Buffy forum in Other TV Shows sometime :smiley:

Luve ya,
YAH! you joined! thats exciting! Im really glad you decided to join! you will definatly have to be borrowing my alias tapes ! and now when i talk about the board and craziness at school someone will not roll their eyes at me!! :D
WELCOME, hope you love it here as much as i do!
Amy (which I will call you, adding you to the list of people I've named), just wanted to tell you, to feel free to stop by the M&Ms sometime! The links in my sig, so if you wanna come check us out... We're very friendly. And you get peanuts and pretzels, and lost of plane rides to Louisiana if you join. LOL :blink: What does she mean? you ask. Come by and find out!

:continues to travel around the introduction thread, inviting others to the M&Ms: