Hello hello!

LOL-wow! I am really really old!!!
^.^ I'm proud to be a member of the Insano family!
So...since I'm really really old...that means you all have to respect me and listen to me, right?

LOL! Just kidding!
aliasjgfanaticmv said:
mmm that's true... LMAO! I don't listen to anyone but my grammy, cause she makes me do the best things, like watching an Alias episode with her ^_^
and i give you ice cream!!
and amy if you are great great great and im their grammy that means im as old as you!!LMAO! :D
and nance, she is my sister! so she is your aunt as well!(this family is so large but big families are fun!!! :D )
ahhhhhhhhh!!! I finally figured out what Nance is to me!! MY GREAT AUNT!!! OH YEAH! WHO'S GOOD! :lol: wow that took me a while :rolleyes: I've got to tell her! :woot: SWEET MOTHER OF IRINA!! I THINK I FIGURED OUT THE FAMILY TREE!!!! See? My grammy is the best! She makes me watch Alias with her, she gives me ice cream, and she gives me inspiration to figure things out ^_^
glad you could join Amy Tippin! i'm dana aka spy_girl21 I hope you have lots of fun here and make lots of new friends. have fun and welcome!