Hello, SIO is Back

Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Hello Everyone. I'm known as 'superintelligentone' or 'SIO' in short form.

I'm one of the members from an earlier incarnation of the Discussion Forum when it was known as the 'AllAlias' forum. The AllAlias Forum was a discussion board dedicated to interpreting Writer/Director JJ Abrams's acclaimed TV SciFi Spy series 'Alias' starring Jennifer Garner.

My username came from a professional wrestler whose fame came from his using 'scientific techniques' to defeat his opponents. My older brother and I thought that it was humorous that a wrestler had to be super-smart to win using 'scientific' submission holds.

I became co-Administrator of AllAlias and stayed on when Howard and Lisa took over. That explains why so many topics have my name as Topic Starter.

I've had problems with accessing the internet for about a week now. I had to replace a router and figure out how to re-access my provider with new equipment. What a pain...

I hope that we have a good revival of the forum. I had to chase Spammers away and delete their Spams when the forum slowed down. They are a cancer to any discussion forum.


Jul 28, 2013
I had to chase Spammers away and delete their Spams when the forum slowed down
I think I'm just going to.. you know... back away slowly.. :unsure:

Welcome back I guess. I'm new here but I think we're all hoping for the same thing. That this forum will get active (again)! Anyways, I'm sure we'll get along just fine, as long as you don't turn me into Swiss cheese. :rolleyes:
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