Hello there...


"Fine HAL, then I'll crawl in the pod bay window!"
I used to read\watch some sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, stepped away from the stuff for a while (not an intention, it just kind of faded from my viewscreen), I'm returning to some of the stuff and I'm not a big fan of social media. Old-school forums (and beige cathode-ray monitors and clicky-clacky keyboards) strike me as The One True Way of the Internet (or this proves I'm getting old :eek:).

To barf out in a jumble my interests here, it's:

Books: Some "big three", Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein; social science fiction (The "Dangerous Visions" volume and authors, K. Vonnegut Jr., some cyberpunk like Neuromancer); limited fantasy, never really dug sword and sorcery, Game of Thrones, etc. (convince me I'm wrong!), so by fantasy I basically mean The Lord of the Rings, which I haven't read or watched for about a decade. Horror: Steven King, Lovecraft, read a lot of 'em, going to be reading Anne Rice, Shirley Jackson, some modern neo-Lovecraftian tales.

Film\Tele: Re-watching golden oldies like Alien, 2001, and the Star Trek films (not enough time to crawl through the all the series!), Star Wars (Meesa dreading prequels!). Eighties artifacts like Robocop, Reanimator, Euroshlock, Nineties films like Hardware, films I new through television re-airings like Event Horizon, back when leaving the TV on all the time was the norm (moved out of my parents house, didn't have cable, basically co-incided with the rise of online streaming but I managed not to watch much anyway; I'm just finally getting around to Breaking Bad and Westworld; I'm that friend everyone has who doesn't go to movie theaters and is several years or more behind the Current Big Thing).

Big X-Files fan.

Some misc: Missed the Pokemon etc. surge of interest in Anime when I was a kid, but recently stumbled on films like Akira and am fascinated.

So, hi, I have jumbled interests, would love recommendations, and look forward to rejoining the forum-verse.