Hello, world!

Well, what to say? I'm 21 years old, live in San Antonio, TX. I take care of elderly people in their homes and I absolutely adore my job. In some cases, it gives me quite a bit of time to do absolutely nothing, which is why my "currently reading" list is a bit long. I tend to stockpile books in my car and, once I get into one, I end up taking it into my house and forget to put it back in the car for the next day. So, I start the next one in the stack. Sad, I know, but I do finish most of them. Eventually.

I'm into all kinds of things, quite a bit of sci-fi and fantasy. For most of my "favorites" out there, I can't say entirely that I know every episode or every event in the books. I tend to start something, enjoy it, and get around to finishing it at some later date. Variety is the spice of life and I have no issues with switching from an episode Babylon 5 to wherever I was in Stargate SG-1 in a heartbeat. Thus, pretty much every series I've ever watched has a little "incomplete" mental note next to it. Not a problem, it just means I can stretch out the enjoyment for years, right? The only one I have trouble with is Babylon 5. Story arcs are hard to mentally reassemble and follow when you've forgotten half of the beginning components, you know. Luckily, I watch it with some friends and they are generous with their reminders.

Anyway, I've definitely rambled on long enough, so I think I'll wrap this up. Hope to find some neat people to interact with and all that jazz and, well, "Hello".

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Good Morning Rabidtriangle,

Instead of lugging books with you, you could carry a laptop and watch movies on it from Youtube, Netflix etc. or even log on here and explore the site if you want. I do admire you for caring for other people, a little kindness goes a long way. :smiley:


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Welcome! I read books too fast normally and repeat readings let me spot things I didn't the first time round. TV shows are easy for me to keep in order, so the opposite way round for me