Hello, world!

Well, what to say? I'm 21 years old, live in San Antonio, TX. I take care of elderly people in their homes and I absolutely adore my job. In some cases, it gives me quite a bit of time to do absolutely nothing, which is why my "currently reading" list is a bit long. I tend to stockpile books in my car and, once I get into one, I end up taking it into my house and forget to put it back in the car for the next day. So, I start the next one in the stack. Sad, I know, but I do finish most of them. Eventually.

I'm into all kinds of things, quite a bit of sci-fi and fantasy. For most of my "favorites" out there, I can't say entirely that I know every episode or every event in the books. I tend to start something, enjoy it, and get around to finishing it at some later date. Variety is the spice of life and I have no issues with switching from an episode Babylon 5 to wherever I was in Stargate SG-1 in a heartbeat. Thus, pretty much every series I've ever watched has a little "incomplete" mental note next to it. Not a problem, it just means I can stretch out the enjoyment for years, right? The only one I have trouble with is Babylon 5. Story arcs are hard to mentally reassemble and follow when you've forgotten half of the beginning components, you know. Luckily, I watch it with some friends and they are generous with their reminders.

Anyway, I've definitely rambled on long enough, so I think I'll wrap this up. Hope to find some neat people to interact with and all that jazz and, well, "Hello".
Good Morning Rabidtriangle,

Instead of lugging books with you, you could carry a laptop and watch movies on it from Youtube, Netflix etc. or even log on here and explore the site if you want. I do admire you for caring for other people, a little kindness goes a long way. :smiley:
Welcome! I read books too fast normally and repeat readings let me spot things I didn't the first time round. TV shows are easy for me to keep in order, so the opposite way round for me