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Hello is designed to let you send high-quality pictures instantly and securely over any speed connection, even dialup. With Hello, you can send hundreds of high quality pictures to your friends in just seconds[/B]—you can’t do that with email.

i have speeds of 116ks down and 36kps up and i don't see hundreds of my photos go in seconds! maybe one picture if i am lucky! with my kodak dc280 2mil effective camera i see file sizes of upto 900k


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Skwirl... you beat me to this one... I hadn't heard about Hello! before. :eek:

From reading the homepage though it looks like it's an instant messenger type program or am I just missing something?


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yes, Picasa is the messenger service, Hello is the photo sharing plugin type program.

MSN Messenger, most stable and popular platform
Yahoo Messenger (they are charging new accounts monthly now apparently)
Skype (best pc to landline/mobile service available thats making some US telephone companies complaiin!)
AOL's AIM (i only know one user with it and he's using a Mac !!)
ICQLite fast way of sending files over LAN when your mate comes round and connects to you (like, XP's built in home office networking ever works!)
Trillian (full of bugs and incompatibilites with video comms but combines them all together)

and then theres a myriad of smaller ones that aren't compatible with anyone elses and the users must get frustrated having multiple messengers working at the same time to connect all their mates round the world in whatever field they move in!

to users who frequently use video comms theres no real alternative than msn messenger or maybe yahoo for having the most friends on that messenger!


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Thanx, I didn't like picasa because it laid files all over my harddrives(every folder with at least one graphic file) then wouldn't take them out on uninstall. Just found two more the otherday!

I use MSN and Yahoo a lot. I have ICQ but hardly open it as well as aol which sux but I keep it due to one person who just loves it.

MSN is the best , I purposely haven't updated my yahoo msgr yet, waiting to see if it's stable.
been watching the news on it closely.