Hi everyone, Just joined after lurking in the shadows for ever. This looks like a very interesting place to live for a while. Looking forward to getting to know my way round. :) Im a closet sci fi fan while pretending to be a chick lit kind of girl. I am looking forward to getting to know fellow fans. :wink:
PrincessDreamer, welcome! :)

So what types of sci-fi do you secretly like?

Hi Kevin, nice to meet you! I like all kinds of sci-fi really, from Doctor Who to Star trek, especially the older episodes with Shatner. Classic stuff. I love Stargate and Star Wars too, basically anything sci-fi and horror too. :eek:
hi everybody....My self Orman North I am new on this forum. A very little information about me am came from USA here and i wish this forum visit would be a learning and happy visit to me.
I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the warm/scary welcome,I'm really looking forward to talk about anything and everything horror related.
hello everyone i am Osbert Odd and i am new on this forum.i am very gratefuller that i get this opportunity to join such a nice forum.