Hmm... It seems like this place is where I should be. No Room wherein they'll be welcoming new people. So here I am here trying to introduce myself. Here goes.

First and foremost I am superficially new here. So I need to learn more about the things here. Though I am not new with forums I am an active member of different forums rather than this one. But anyways, yeah! So I have been reading about the different overviews by this forum. And it sounds great though I am a little bit outwitted with the topics. hehe..

By the way I am Mizuki. A male. People sometimes mistaken me from a female just because of the name. I am age 16. I usually read books, Chatting through SMS, Surfing over the net, learning new things and adventurous. So I am not a little bit nerdy at all. hehe

Anyone who's in to friends, I am free. Anyone who wants to share their knowledge, I am free. Anyone who wants to teach me something, Please be free. :D

I guess that's all?
For more info just reply. :D
I'll be waiting. LOL!

-mizuki *PEACE* ^^,
Hey Mizuki

I'm guessing you're from the asian region by your English use! (and not just your name!)

Welcome to the Coolscifi community, all the members here are friendly. Remember, you learn by doing! It's how we all did it.
Mizuki, welcome to Cool Sci-Fi! (y)

I hope you find our community friendly. If there is anything you have questions about, please feel free to ask. :smiley:
tim was my grammar that bad? I am from an Asian country specifically the Philippines. People here are so watchful about their grammar. But me? When I am in forums I just don't care but I read it again so that it won't sound as if wrong! hehe ... sure! I will learn as you guys did!

kevin hey the administrator! wow! it is cool to find you here. On some forums I never have been welcome by an Administrator! They are busy with their jobs and I understand! Thanks for spending a minute of your time just to Welcome me. I am feeling home already!

Arigato gosaimasu!
*bows head*