This is my first time on this forum and it's really cool that we get to discuss all of the cool shows and movies that are out there!

I'm a HUGE fan of: Lost, Jericho, Fringe, Smallville, Flash Forward, Night Stalker, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and X-Files. I just saw the pilot for Happy Town and I think it's gonna be a really cool series!

I'm on my internet so much that it has started to replace my TV! I stumbled onto a cool sci-fi series on the internet called DATE A HUMAN. It blends comedy, humans, aliens, and romance! Check out episode #s 1 -5 at:

Everything You Need to Know About Babelgum + Top 5 Alternatives

Write back and let me know what you think!

take care,
DAH Fan :smiley:
Night Stalker

Good afternoon Dah Fan,

nice to meet another Kolchak fan. Have you read any of the novels or graphic novels of the comtinuing adventures of the NIGHT STALKER ?