Hello everyone :smiley: I'm a big sci-fi nerd as well as being into various other things that are related to the sci-fi genre so I'm really hoping to fit in here an get to know you all soon.

MY favorite tv show is Dr Who but right now I'm watching Sliders. This is my first time watching it and I'm about half way through season 4. I really miss Wade... Maggy kinda gets under my skin.

I'm also watching X-files for the first time but I lent all my DVD copy's to my brother so I have had to put that on hold for a little bit.

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Howdy Hawkingbird, nice to meet you, enjoy exploring the site. I too haven't seen all of the X-Files episodes, I will eventually. But there are so many other sci-fi movies and tv shows I want to see first.
Welcome to the forum!

I to like Dr. Who, plus Torchwood, and a lot more.