Hi there,

Always been a Sci-fi fan but have only just come to terms with it enough to admit it in public. Since the end of BSG and SG:U i've found it a bit of a struggle to find new things that are a)good b)burst with character/plot and c)make me hope for writers out there not being braindead.

So any suggestions are more then welcome.

A little about me: used to own a bookshop, mum got sick and needed a little help for a while - so I don't have a bookshop anymore - but mum is better (yip) - now back to finding a job whilst rocking out with my band (Toupé - www.toupe.co.cuk), doing a little bit of stand up (when the mood takes me) and writing for myself, others and the non-existent.



hi GrantSharkey _! _im new here too._
pleased your mum is now Ok. i don't write, but i have great fun with PhotoShopX2 ..and Google Sketchup .. and Serif too. they are image editing software.
by the way, i think your music-group's url in your post is deadended. i think you added an extra "c" in the url-name. _just thought id say !

goodluck with the music_







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Good afternoon GrantSharkey. Have you seen the comedy sci-fi show Red Dwarf? I became a fan two years ago, I've seen all nine short seasons and still want more of it. So I began rewatching Red Dwarf again. I know it's difficult to find a good sci-fi program to watch.