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Welcome Tracey!

Everyone here will be thinking Cardiff and Torchwood right now. "Have you visited the set?....." :smiley:
LOL, I figured as much and alas no, I havent visited the set although one of my claims to fame was sat sandwiched between Jerry Doyle and Andrea Thompson of Babylon 5 fame during a convention in Bristol once.

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Nice to meet you Tracey.

Wow, within a Babylon 5 sandwich, cool.

When I ran into Jean-Claude Van Damme in the late 1990's, I looked like a deer staring into oncoming headlights, star-struck. (probably because I saw him a night before in Hard Target, my favorite film of his). I chilled out shortly, he was cool about it.

I see you've already begun exploring this site, have fun.
I have to admit the Bab5 cons were simply some of the best cons Ive ever been to, the Shepherds Bush Empire one back in the late 90's with most of the cast was amazing. The late Andreas Katsulas was on fire and funny as hell, I have somewhere hundreds of photos taken from my time at conventions, some really good candid ones.

I havent been to many in the last few years mostly due to ill health but cons dont seem to have the majesty they once did, Id love to attend comic-con., my Stargate, Trek and Firefly cons have also been some very fun days and nights meeting new friends.

Its weird meeting the very people you watch on the screen day in day out but Nathan Fillion is a very cool guy!