Mouthy Cow
So I've exhausted the most immediately topics for me to throw my two-pennyworth at and I feel now is the time to introduce myself.

I've used the name Mirelly as online ID for many years. I borrowed the name from the main female character in Larry Niven's World Out of Time.

I'm a fifty something, semi-retired granny who loves reading. I like all main literary genres, even chick-lit, but my abiding passion has always been reserved for quality SF. I also like to dabble in writing, but my ambition is always greater than my staying power. I have started so many novels and have yet to finish one. My latest effort is now 16 months old, and has been stalled mid-chapter at 60,000 word mark since Christmas. I really do want to finish it (as very rough a first draft) because for the first time ever I feel I have a good story to tell.

I also love Pink Floyd, wine and cheese, and movies with Donald Sutherland in them .... :rolleyes:
Mirelly, welcome!

Thank you for explaining the name as I did not recognize it. With that admission I feel a tinge of shame for not having Niven's work fresh in my mind, something I must fix with my next reading list update (I tend to slack off in the Summer and pick up again in the Fall & Winter).

With a diverse array of reading material what genre do you find yourself writing as an author?

Pink Floyd? Yes! :cool: I'm in for some cheese & crackers but not so sure about the Donald Sutherland movies. :D
Heh heh Donald is acquired taste ... Kelly's Heroes would have to be one of desert island DVDs. :cool:

I keep trying to write SF. I'm pretty felgercarb at it cos I never get around to finishing. My latest effort is about a fleet of starships heading off to Alpha Centauri to escape the destruction of Earth. Unfortunately I am stuck halfway through ... :eek:

PS I also love The Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf, and H2G2. Star Trek (not DS9 or Enterprise :P ), and Stargate ... although I thought Universe was a little "hinky" ... :rolleyes: