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Hey there, I'm a young man from Lincoln (England) and I've been looking for a new forum for quite some time. I have some interesting political beliefs (which I won't bring up here) which unfortunately means I spent a lot of my time around fairly horrible people and I hoping to change that.

I've been a Sci-Fi fan for as long as I can remember and long-term Star Trek (although I'm ambivalent towards Enterprise and the 2009 reboot might as well not have happened for how underwhelming and superficial it is compared to the rich universe its replacing). So, yeah, that's me.

I also like Classical music, Tarantino films and I'm a vegetarian.

Any questions? Fire away.

Here's hoping I make some friends and make some worthwhile contributions.


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Selay47, greetings! :)

Political beliefs are fine; if they relate to a sci-fi/horrory/fantasy work then feel free to post in the corresponding forum else you can post in the Off Topic for whatever is on your mind. When it comes to works like Starship Troopers politics play a huge part so isn't unusual to see political conversations in the genre forums.

What kind of Classical musical do you like? It isn't my primary listening choice (my first choices range from the '50s-'80s) but on those days I need to relax, and even for the drive to/from the office, I enjoy the occasional string and/or harpsichord piece.


Thanks and, yeah, if my politics influence my love or hate for a certain work of fiction then I might bring it up but I'm just making it known that, whilst I might have some unpopular opinions, I'm not here to stir the pot or make it the focus of my time on here.

And I like Beethoven especially but I can listen to quite a lot and its only when more Modern music is involved that I become turned off. But, yes, I too love swing and I'll always have an affinity for eighties pop.