Hellooo from DC

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Galaxy Pimp
How is everyone hear... looks like a new home for me..I do a little bit of everything. I am into marketing and organize carshows. I also have a 1 day per week part-time job at Funcoland for my addiction to DVD's and video games. It's only for the discount!!!:rolleyes:


Code Monkey
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Gio, welcome to Cool SciFi! :welcome:

I know what you mean about the FuncoLand job.... years ago I used to work a few hours a week at the local Egghead store. I've still got some toys from those days. :D Sounds like you keep yourself busy. What kind of carshows do you mostly work with, the traditional big name car shows or more regional/localized events?


Galaxy Pimp
I pretty keep busy with the whole East Coast doing carshows or traveling with my team of showcars. But here are a couple example's of some marketing I have done so far this year at the largest track here in the DC area. www.mirdrag.com/imstar This year I am just staying local with 5 big cars show we will be attending.

But I am planning to go in May to E3 with a couple friends... can't wait!

Egghead that was back in the days! I remember going to that store when I used to own an apple II GS LOL! oh and my first Nintendo System with R.O.B.B.Y. that moved the spinning discs.