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This show is about aliens arrival at earth’s doorstep and the governments job to cover it up while covertly trying to stop them. So they form a team of specialized agents to go out and deal with the situation. The aliens want to colonize our planet for natural resources, since theirs are running out. So the government builds a base on the moon under the radar and places the team on it so that they can watch each and every move of the aliens and intercept them when they attack. In this series we have 5 main acting roles. Two lead and 3 supporting. Aaron and Samantha are our two main characters and Blake, Nicole and Clarke are our supporting leads. While on this base, All of our characters have diverse interactions, such as jealousy, hate, and love. This heavily affects the mission they are on and they try their best to prevent jeopardizing the mission, but it always does. So the plan for season one would be to introduce each and every character, have multiple thwarted attacks on humanity and the base itself, and the foreshadowing of the team not being alone on the moon.