Help finding a book!

Hi all,

I am trying to find the first scifi book tha I read. I bought it when I was only 10 and I don't remember the title or author. This is what I remember about the book:
A journalist/writer gets sick and decides to freeze his body. He wakes up years later in a overpopulated world where "unfrozen" people are persecuted. There is another character: a woman that works with him who decides to freeze her body to wake up with him (although she doesn’t know his “waking up” time and end up waking up before him).

Instead of ID people in the future have bar codes that you can read with some special light that only police has. That's how they can identify the "unfrozen". In the future, society is highly controlled by the government, which establishes a curfew as a escape valve: regular people stay home safe while the “bad guys” can do their thing.

At the end of the book the two escape in a space shuttle to another planet which is safe for “unfrozen” people.

I would really mean a lot to me to find this book!


I have not come across that one before but it sounds interesting. Any thoughts on whom the author might have been?
Sounds like the beginning of Charles Sheffield's Tomorrow and Tomorrow, but that one turns into a far future society and war novel at the end.