Help finding a book!


Hello everyone.

I have just joined this site. I think it is pretty nifty!

Niceties aside, I was wondering if someone could help me find a book title...

Years ago (mid 1990s) I read a wonderful Sci-Fi book the title of which I have forgotten.

It was set in a planet called "ROSARIA", and in it, the characters lived in small communities and had these crystals which helped them to remember things.

I think they had been stranded on the planet as they were fleeing from Earth, though I'm not entirely sure.

Has anyone else read this book?

Can anyone give me the title? I would love to re-read it but the Internet is not being helpful at all.

Thank you all in advance.



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Can't help you as that book does not sound familiar, however, welcome to the forum! Somebody here will probably be able to help you, as I am sure it will ring a bell to one of our fellow forum dwellers.