Sci-Fi Help - Forgot the name of the greatest Sci-Fi book I ever read!

Can't recall the name of the greatest sci-fi book I ever read. I read it in Asia in 1989. Probably an American author; Takes place largely in NYC in early 21st century. Heroes are an authentic rock and roll band who insist on creating their own music even though "The Charts" are dominated by hits created by computers using samples of the voices of great 60's singers and groups such as Janis Joplin. Videos involve the use of computer generated 3-D images of the artist singing the song.

In NYC, a large percentage of the population lives caged in behind large fences. They are given daily rations of kibble to eat and stay alive. This is the extent of kindness supplied by the powers that be.

I cannot remember the plot line; the book was well worn when I found it in a shop selling used books.
As I age, finding this book has become a bucket list exploration; any help is greatly appreciated.
Well, it's good that music seems to be created to meet everyone's taste, although I'm sure there are folks out there that don't like music at all. For some people it might be a classic opera in a fine performance center or jazz in a dimly lit club at midnight or a raga performed on the banks of the Ganges or rappers dueling in a park; or it might be on an elevator, riding up and down a few dozen times to hear some "elevator music." For me, it's the live performance, experiencing our species create musical art of all types, preferably, with friends, in a small venue.

As Dr. Hook put it:
"And some folks loves ham hocks and some folks loves pork chops and some folks love vegetable soup;
But Roland the roadie loves Gertrude the groupie, but Gertrude the groupie loves groups"
Alien Soup Nation: Rise up! This is the only bulletin board I've ever subscribed to and the only question I've ever asked. Please use the networking skills that you have and I lack to solve this mystery and track down the name of the book that I tried to describe in my first post. It is a book that amazingly touches on many of the problems that our society will face in the near future if we don't get our act together and start helping each other out. Please copy my plea and spread it to other sci fi platforms. Since it was most probably written by an American author and was eminently creative and readable, I'm sure there are folks out there who have read it.
I recall a movie with similar circumstances which you tried to explain in the OP.
Like you, I don't recall the name of the film or who was in it.

The fenced in populations being fed kibble, the govt or corp rule. A utopian society of a select few set in a mostly dystopian world.
I recall a single (or pair) of heros exposing the 'truth' and revealing to the population of the ruze being played on them. This resulted in an uprising/revolution/revolt.
Not sure if music was a key part of the story, my memory is vague and fragmented about the details.
Many thanks Tom for responding. This mystery novel certainly offered a good platform for a film and I suspect that the movie you saw and the book I've tried to describe, are from the same source.

FREE PIZZA for whoever can identify the mystery book, which was possibly made until a film.

One large pizza with any toppings you like from any pizza joint that takes phone orders.

"Little Heroes" by Spinrad 1987 ?

"Muzic Inc had become a music industry giant by staying one step ahead of the game, but for some reason APs (totally cybernetic rock stars) had failed to ship gold.
That was where Glorianna O'Toole came in. The Crazy Old Lady of Rock and Roll was well into her sixties, but with her producer they hoped to synthesize an AP that would really take off.
Glorianna hated everything Muzic Inc had done to the rebel music of her youth, but for the sake of a steady supply of designer dust she was prepared to try and rekindle the revolutionary music spirit of the 1960s."
Screener Sam, You da man! This is absolutely the book I've been looking for and I'm pleased that its still available online and in new and used online booksellers. Thanks for hanging in there and getting it done. It was incredibly interesting to me to read some details of the author's writing career and his work as reviewed by other authors. Thank you; and yes I'd like to order you up a pizza at any local pizzeria of your choice. Just let me know (via this site) when you'd like the pizza/the size/toppings/name of the restaurant and location; I'll order over the phone and put down the name Screener Sam as the recipient. OK? Once again many thanks.