Help me list 100 future technologies or inventions?


Little to no technobabble

Its for a school project. Be as creative as you want but try to word it as "Time machine" as opposed to "machine that can travel through time." A numbered list from 1 to 100 would be great. Really appreciate the help


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Not sure what you want. The 'Future' is a very long time and anything is probable as our understanding of science unlocks new territories.

Here is a go at it. Perhaps you might use some of it for your project.

1. Nano-assemblers
2. AI controlled robotics
3. Genetic programming
4. Viral medicine delivery (in early stages now)
5. Molecular recycling
6. Bio-electronics
7. Personal piezoelectric generators (electrical requirements much lower needing smaller generating fields)
8. Space insulation (protection from long exposure to cosmic rays)
9. Cultivation chambers (self-contained green-housing for use on other worlds)
10. Reactive glass surfacing (for computing and virtual presence)
11. Freight conduit systems (electromagnetic mag-lev bulk freight delivery systems)
12. Space supply depots
13. Asteroid mining
14. Lunar colonies/mining
15. Oceanic farming
16. Floating ocean cities
17. Extreme weather resistance of cities
18. Personalized society (you are tracked and acknowledged personally via surveillance systems and interfaces)
19. Bartering system not based on money
20. Subliminal educational tools
21. Crowd control using sound or light or both
22. Dissolution of the family society in favor of the cultural society
23. Sex centers (sex destigmatized)
24. Human incubation facilities
25. Gravity wave manipulation
26. Neutron sterilization
27. Boson manipulation
28. Atomic forces nullification (molecular knife)
29. Body part printing
30. Virtual taste via direct brain stimulation
31. Immersive gaming
32. Constructed lifeforms
33. Planetary seeding
34. Subterranean cities and societies
35. Orbital solar amplifiers and surface based collectors/storage
36. Port city relocations
37. Criminal rehabilitation thru genetic alterations
38. A border-less world (single planetary society)
39. Instant judicial process for non-violent crimes
40. Power base shift to creativity and innovation
41. Increased healthy lifespans
43. Earlier puberty
44. Genetically induced euphoria addiction
45. Disuse of tobacco, alcohol and addiction drugs
46. Virtual actors and actresses
47. Fully-Automated factory complexes
48. Drone/Automated product delivery
49. Product delivery via substance printing
50. 99 % recycling
51. Home recycling units
52. Home food cultivation chambers
53. Nano-grafting (both structural and organic)
54. Human/animal trait merging
55. Higher-order animal communication techniques
56. Large scale water purification and dispersion (arid land fertile)
57. Climate manipulation
58. Holographic virtual presence (already exists in limited form today)
59. Robotic mining
60. Photon amplification (resolution of distant objects clarified)
61. Human heads will get larger (higher brain capacity)
62. Human vestigiality will increase (loss of unneeded body parts)
63. Virtual time travel (reality based simulation of past events in a virtual environment)
64. Personality preservation matrix
65. Disembodied brains to preserve life (by artificial sustaining techniques)
66. Embedded simulated consciousness
67. Projected atomic solidification (force fields to some extent)
68. Auto-constructing planetary habitats
69. Space relays
70. Planetary unified communication (one language)
71. Nano-based encounter suit
72. Artificial magnetosphere for space craft
73. Force reaction dispersion units (collision safety feature) (in limited use right now)
74. Disintegration beams (breaks nuclear bonds from a distance)
75. Absolute zero energy storage (freezing energy in its pristine state)
76. Artificial room-temperature stable conducting element
77. Discovery of waveform amplitudes above and below our present understanding (electromagnetic spectrum IE: Cosmic waves to radio waves)
78. High density packet communication at light speed
79. Quantum information transmission/reception (quantum computers)
80. Prediction algorithm enhancements
81. Dermal nutrient absorption
82. Urban illumination using paint additives (already in progress)
83. Mega-cities
84. Linear strip cities (a few miles wide but hundreds of miles long)
85. High-speed intercontinental transportation hubs
86. Floating underwater transportation tunnels
87. Stabilized oceanic causeways
88. Phasing surgery (using sonic/force manipulation without dermal entry)
89. Thought transmission amplifier
90. Decimal time
91. Self-heating or cooling food and beverage packaging
92. Virtual aroma transmission
93. Infinicell (battery that self-charges and never depletes)
94. Death chambers (population control measure)
95. Environmental stabilizers (like HVAC but controlled by computers and changes temperature, humidity and other factors to accommodate changes in your physiology/mood as sensed)
96. Self-cleaning clothing
97. Flexible structure video displays (currently in beginning stages)
98. Windshield/glass advertisements in self-driving cars
99. Yottabyte drives
100. Trans-dermal computer control (touch sensors in your flesh to perform computer functions)

When trying to determine future inventions it helps to understand the reason for inventions. Humans endeavor to achieve with little or no physical exertion. As our technology increases we will use less and less of our bodies and that will result in us becoming frail. Imagine our frailty and how we would cope with it and you will gain imaginative concepts of the technology we will develop to cope.
As new science develops new technologies our abilities will increase. Not physical abilities, manipulation of our environments and brain usage.
That is, unless we destroy ourselves first...
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Gaelic Oracle
Plasma Beam weapon...would need to have a powerful power supply so you would most likely need a Tank to support a mobile weapon platform


1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
There are a lot of interesting things happening for the future as far as technology, everything else is primitive, tis a shame, but there it is....
<Modern thinking....;)