Help needed locating a story

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Hi everyone,
After being an enthusiastic sci-fi reader in youth and abandoning it for a few years in favour of fantasy, I recently rediscovered it. The passing of time seems to allow me to enjoy it even more than before.
I was telling my wife of a wonderful short story I once read, which I believe most of you probably know, by one of the well know authors- but I just couldn't remember who the author was or the name of the story. It's depicts a perfectly ordinary day of a man with his family, and only at the end of the story we realize he lives in some kind of apocalyptic world and gets to relive what was his happiest moments by means of a machine.
The previously mentioned passing of time has obviously had some effect of my memory, so I turn to you for assistance.
Does this ring a bell to anyone?



Years later somebody can help.
The author was Robert Sheckley.
The short story is "The Store of the Worlds" - this is the title story of an anthology of his short tales.