Help Please?


I had installed the XF Arcade 0.2.1b a long time ago, and had it deactivated during a maintenance,
after being down for a year or so I turned it back on, went to play Asteroids and It does not play, all I get is a separate page with the word PLAY but it doesn't link to the SWF game any longer.
do I have to reinstall the swf player if it has one?,
I just dont get it..nothings moved or been changed on my server..wonder why it isnt working now.
Redbear, it's been some time since I've played around with XFA but what comes to mind is if your browser is blocking the SWF? These days most of the browser vendors are tending to treat Flash as a security risk and block it by default.
... and welcome to the site. :smiley: I know you're after XFA but feel free to jump into any of the other conversations if they catch your attention.
Huh, never thought of that, the browser and flash..
Thank You for that one,

Alien Soup has alot of subject matter to pick from
and plus you all have a great team and family here, I would be happy to pitch in my two cents once in awhile.
thank you for the invite :D
Ok, found out that Shockwave Flash will NOT work in 64bit browsers,
and the worse news yet is that Shockwave Flash Browser has quit supplying support and downloads since April of this year for 32bit browsers.

well guess ima gonna have to find an alternative for an arcade for the gang.
well guess ima gonna have to find an alternative for an arcade for the gang.
I was really hoping that one of the old game provider companies would come up with an HTML5 game based platform but nobody, really, has risen from the ashes of the SWF games community. It seems instead that most companies now that are doing HTML5 games are doing with them with the intent of offering them on commercial sandboxes like Facebook or their own platforms. :(