Help w/sub-Genre Naming Conventions


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Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
I'm currently working on notepad files of my movie sets.
I have an awful lot of Horror and Science Fiction movies sets.
Standard genres will not work well for the types of searches I want to do.
I need to come up with some sub-genre identifiers which will allow me a smaller result which is more on point.

- Serial Killer
- Slasher
- Test Subjects
- Survival
- Anthology
- Haunted House
- Possession
- Witch
- Cannibal
- Inbred
- Cult
- Demon
- Vampire
- Werewolf
- Zombie
- Stalker
- Psychotic
- Psychological
- After-Death
- Giant Monster
- Bigfoot
- Chupacabra
- Dinosaur
- Dragons
- Mermaids & Mermen
- Monsters
- Scarecrow
- Halloween
- Christmas
- Dolls
- Mutants
- Clowns
- Gore
- Torture
- Organ Harvesting
- Abduction
- Mummy
- Revenge
- Armageddon

I feel like these could be more descriptive.
Plus, I suspect I am missing a few.


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Science Fiction

- Aliens
- Time Travel
- Dimensions
- Space War
- Space Exploration
- Time Loop
- Space Survival
- Far Future
- AI/Robots
- Genetic Experiment
- ELE (Extinction Level Event)
- Mind Control
- Nanotechnology
- Parapsychology
- Extra-planetary
- Relativity
- Super-Soldiers
- Invasion
- Mind Uploading
- Clones

So far, that's all I can come up with.
Anyone have any ideas?


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Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Thanx, noted...

I'm also toying with the idea of splitting up the zombie folder.
So far I only have two.
Dead Cannibal
Live Infected

I thought about
Fast Zombies
Slow Zombies
but that puts too many titles in the slow zombie folder. Plus it doesn't actually separate the behavior differences.

There's also a distinction between zombie ghouls and zombie violence.
Plus there are movies depicting thinking/reasoning zombies which would make them not zombies at all.


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
Jan 30, 2009
maybe separate traditional Caribbean zombies ('I Walked with a Zombie')
and the techno-ghoul felgercarb these days.


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Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Okay, So I've made some folders and sub-folders for genre distinction.
Its a preliminary set up which is subject to change during use.
Most films will be listed under their respective sets if there are more than one film in a related series.
These special genres will become subject matter sets with little in common with each film aside from the genre distinction.
For example: I have a set dedicated to the Ouija films and the Ouija Experiment films but I have a genre dedication to Ouija films in general.
This way I can quickly sort the bulk of my collection to focus on only Ouija related films.

I have a partial listing started:
Ouija Movies
*Long Time Dead (2002) j absolom t bell
*Ouija Exorcism (2015) jd anastasio
*Ouija House (2018) m barton t reid
*Ouija Possession (2016) j barrett
*Ouija Room aka Haunting Inside (2019) e blackstock
*Ouija Seance: The Final Game (2018) ac goetz
*Ouija Summoning (2016) t shayne m dew
*Veronica (2017) ~ bluray subs s escacena

Simply doing a search for "Ouija" will not show Long Time Dead (2002) or Veronica (2017) even tho these two films are related to Ouijas.

So here is how I have my incoming sort lined up (to reflect the folders holding the archives:

*Action Thriller EX: Baby Driver
*Character Legends Ex: Salt
*Epic - Quests EX: Conspiracy Theory
*Fighting - MMA Ex: Enter The Dragon
*Guns - War Ex: Sands of Iwo Jima
*Sports EX: Ford V Ferrari
*Sword & Sandal Ex: Helen of Troy
*Viking Ex: Northmen
*WWE Sponsored Ex: Hunt to Kill

+ Specific actor folders for actors/actresses I collect. Ex: Anthony Hopkins

*Crocodiles & Alligators EX: Bait
*Cuddly Ex: Flipper
*Deadly EX: Man's Best Friend
*Grizzly - Bears Ex: Into the Grizzly Maze
*Insects Ex: Them!
*Piranhas Ex: Killer Fish
*Sharks Ex: The Shallows
*Snakes Ex: Hisss
*Spiders Ex: Itsy Bitsy

*Action - Adventure Ex: 21 Grams
*Fantasy Ex: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)
*Horror Ex: Southbound
*Science Fiction Ex: The Illustrated Man

*Adult (no, not that kind of adult, stuff too severe for children) EX: Primal 1: Tales of Savagery
*Kids Ex: Antz

Christmas Movies

*Mel Brooks Ex: Blazing Saddles
*National Lampoon Ex: Animal House
*RomCom Ex: Blind Date
*Situational EX: No Time For Sergeants
*Slapstick EX: That's My Boy
*Stand Up Ex: Bill Cosby: My Father Confused Me
*Stupid Funny - Corny Ex: Galaxy Quest

*Apocalyptic EX: How It Ends
*ELE (Extinction Level Event) EX: 2012
*Localized Ex: Outbreak
*Pandemic Ex: Virus
*Society Ex: Logan's Run

*Making of

*Biography Ex: Patton
*Lifetime - After School Ex: The Burning Bed
*Romantic Ex: Sweet November
*Special Look Ex: Deepwater Horizon

*Camelot & Sherwood Ex: Excalibur
*Candy Fantasy EX: Artemis Fowl
*Dragons & Mythical Creatures Ex: Sucker Punch
*Epic Adventure & Legends Ex: Eragon
*Family & Kids Ex: Dolittle
*Journeys & Quests Ex: The Forbidden Kingdom
*Magic & Wizards Ex: The Brothers Grimm
*Religious Fantasies Ex: The Ten Commandments
*Science & Technomages Ex: The Dark Tower
*Titans & Gods Ex: Gods of Egypt
*Treasure Hunts Ex: Ready Player One

Horror is huge because there are many films which are horrific on a multitude of focuses.

*Abduction - Organ Harvest Ex: Train
**Human Trafficking

*Cannibals Ex: The Young Cannibals
*Clowns Ex: Clown
Ex: The Veil
**Inbred - Redneck - Gangs
*Dolls Ex: Dolly Dearest
*Ghosts Ex: Thir13en Ghosts

**Haunted People
**Haunted Places & Things

*Gore - Torture Ex: Flowers
*Psychological Ex: Unsane

**After-Life & After-Death
**Heaven & Hell
**Heavy Church & High Religion
**Ouija & Spirit Boards
**Witches & Warlocks

*Revenge - Payback Ex: Even Lambs Have Teeth
*Serial Killers Ex: The Clovehitch Killer
*Socio - Psychopathic EX: Misery
*Survival Ex: The Belko Experiment
**Test Subjects

*Werewolves & Changelings
*Zombies & Ghouls

**Dead Cannibal
**Fast Zombies
**Live Infected
**Slow Zombies

Low Budget Junkfest
*Syfy - Asylum

*Bigfoot - Sasquatch - Abominables Ex: Primal Rage
*Chupacabra Ex: Indigenous
*Dinosaurs Ex: Area 407
*Giant Animals Ex: Food of the Gods
*Giant Monsters & Kaiju Ex: Godzilla: King of the Monsters
*Legends Ex: Monster
*Mermaids & Mermen Ex: Mermaid Chronicles: She Creature
*Mothman Ex: The Mothman Prophecies
*Mutations Ex: Prophecy
*Scarecrows Ex: Dark Night of the Scarecrow
*Throwbacks Ex: The Silence

*Artist Biographies Ex: Bohemian Rhapsody
*Concerts Ex: Stomp
*Song & Dance Musicals Ex: Saturday Night Fever

Science Fiction
*Action Driven
*AI - Robot
**Mind Uploading


*Clones Ex: Gemini Man
*Dimensions Ex: Parallels
*Genetic Experiments
**Mind Control
*Invisibility Ex: Darkest Hour
*Life Extension Ex: Bicentennial Man
*Lost Worlds
**Discovery - Exploration
*Nanotechnology Ex: Transcendence
*Parapsychology EX: Discarnate
**Scifi ELE (Extinction Level Event)
*Relativity Ex: Relativity
*Runaway Technology
*Space - Planet - War

**Space Exploration
**Space Survival
**Space War

*Super-Soldiers Ex: Bloodshot
*Time Related

**Far Future
**Time Loop
**Time Travel

Set Completion
Holding folder for the sets I am gathering.

Shorts & Silents
*Science Fiction

Superheroes & Supervillains
*Anti-Hero Ex: Brightburn
*Based on Games Ex: Rampage
*Comic Book Ex: Venom
*Epic & Legendary Ex: The Lone Ranger
*Mutation Special Powers Ex: Glass

TV Shows
A folder to hold TV shows till I open the external drive to put them away.
I have more external drives than my computer can handle plus I don't keep my drives plugged in all the time.

So that is where this project sets currently. I'm open to suggestions and welcome them (the whole reason I took the time to post this).


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
Jan 30, 2009

can't read Japanese so not sure what category this might go in...


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
can't read Japanese so not sure what category this might go in...
Its about sharks so it would go in Animals>Sharks

Do you have any other info on this film?
I'd like to see if I can find it.
It looks like the English title is Shark! but I can't find it, even on IMdb.
The Chinese are making a shark movie called Horror Shark aka Blood Shark 3D but its a 2020 release. The poster looks older.
Is that a Chinese movie?
I looked at the image source but it comes up Alien Soup.
Where did you find that image? Maybe that will give me a clue.
I NOW want this movie!
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