Help with a name of this movie,please

This movie I am searching for was shown about 10 years ago. Saw it on TV. It was about a man living in two worlds, one real and the other part of his imagination. It opened with him in a university setting talking to a friend, explaining how he keeps dreaming about being chased….running away……..And it reverts to him in just that setting, running away from somebody chasing him I guess to kill him…….Then it reverts back to the university setting………All through the movie you think he’s really with the university setting and the chase to kill bit is all in his head…………….YET, at the movie’s climax we find that the university setting was the dream and the chase-to-kill bit was the reality…..and he’s caught and killed…..end of movie.
Was a great film and wish someone out there has heard or seen this film and can tell me the title, please.

Thank you,

Bill Kaval