Help with old sci fi show


Feb 13, 2010
I can't remember the name of this short series, I do know it was on in the late 70's or mid 80's. I can give a description as I remember it.

It involved a family that was transported to some other planet. On this planet they are pursued by some cop from this other planet. There are some Pylon things reminicent of land of the lost and some odd small claymation monsters are in it. I remember a scene at the beginning of the show took place in a country type home a small minutare space ship began attacking them, there was a barn with a fire , and then they were transported to this alternate dimension/planet.
I remember an episode where the kids where performing in a band in this new world and the cop that is chasing them recognized them.

I have been wondering so long the name of this show or series if anyone else remembers anything similar to this.



Code Monkey
Staff member
Mar 20, 2004
Doesn't ring any bells for me.

What market did it air in? (USA, Canada, UK, etc.)