Help with short film.


I wrote a short story and am now adapting it into a short film. In the story, everything takes place in a futuristic factory where the people go about their jobs on the assembly line mindlessly because they are constantly administered drugs. They are also all naked and their heads and bodies have been completely shaved. In the story this is to show their dehumanization. However, this might not fly so well in film. I know there is a lot of nudity in some sci fi, but I think that tends to be the trashier stuff. I could clothe the characters all the same way; it would have a similar effect, but without the excessive nudity. Also, it might be very difficult to find anyone willing to shave entirely and appear nude in my short film, which is why I am considering dropping the nudity. On the other hand, I don't want to water down the story for marketabilityor practicality. Any thoughts or advice?


Writing Fool
Or do distance shots (or behind the back) to set up the scale of the nudity issue (without being able to see anything), and take all the close-in frontal shots from the shoulders up. Also can utilize props as coverage...