Here, what does this taste like to you?


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If you were walking around your house and noticed some weird ooze coming out of your walls, would you (a) scream like a banshee and have visions of The Exorcist come to mind or (b) ask your spouse and/or kids what the {blank} they did to the wall or .... (c) stick your finger in it and taste it?

Well, if you were one particular North Carolina man you would choose option C.

A North Carolina man says his house was so overrun with bees that the walls ooze honey.

Mark Jones, of Concord, N.C., was tipped off to the visitors’ presence after discovering a strange substance on a downstairs wall. After tasting it, he realized it was honey, WYFF-TV reported.

Jones sought the help of beekeepers, who removed approximately 60,000 of the buzzing nuisances and their hives using a vacuum, according to WYFF-TV. Another 1,000 remain inside.

“It didn’t seem right to my husband or myself to kill them,” Jones’ wife Amychelle told WYFF-TV.

The remaining bees are expected to fly elsewhere, as they have no hive or queen bee, beekeepers said.
Um... uh...
I know a girl who has just had a couple of visits to remove a swarm of blue bottle flies from her kitchen walls. Nothing oozed through on that occasion though. Not sure the obvious health and safety issues were followed in this case! The taste of honey mixed with breeze block, paint and/or wallpaper and wallpaper paste might be a bit off putting.